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Koh Chang,Trat

Koh Chang (Elephant Island) is Thailand?s second largest island and the primary destination for those visiting Koh Chang Marine National Park, which includes dozens of unspoiled islands. Located in Trat Province, about 300 kilometers East of Bangkok and not far from the Cambodian border, Koh Chang is 70% covered by unspoiled rainforest and the island?s 5000 permanent residents are only gradually becoming more involved in tourism as development has increased in the past decade. Koh Chang iis a beach lover and nature enthusiasts dream come true. While recent development has led to the opening of some nightlife on the island, the primary attractions on the island are the beaches, waterfalls, and neighboring islands. However, several fishing villages, a number of naval battle sights, and some opportunities for diving and snorkeling make Koh Chang both an interesting and relaxing place to visit.

top area in Koh Chang,Trat

hotel in Koh Chang,Trat


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